Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Biography of Grady Lee Hogue pt 1

Grady Hogue
Born June 27, 1908
Lauderdale County, Alabama

Last night I woke up at 230.  I had a dream about one of our neighbors that lived next door to us when I was school age.  I was six years old.  Our neighbor was Tom and Alice Curtis.  He raised big alberta peaches each year and we always bought a bushel from him.  

The longer I lay there, the more I thought about my life and where we had lived, and what had happened.  Some events were funny and some were serious.

I was born in Lauderdale county, Alabama in a log cabin on my grandfather's farm.  After we moved away and came back to visit my Uncle John Hogue at my birthplace, I spent the night there for they had two boys that we played with.  When supper time came, we all gathered around the table to eat and Aunt Lucy, Uncle John's wife, had beans and cornbread and buttermilk.  It was good, but I was about half way through eating and picked up my glass of milk and there was a dead mouse in my milk.    I had already drank half of the milk before I discovered the mouse.  The only thing to do was to tell my Aunt Lucy and she apologized alog and went out and got me a new clean glass of milk but the rest of my supper did not taste too good.

The next place we moved to was on the Tim Foust place in Tennessee, four miles from Loretta, Tennessee, which was our shopping place.  We farmed for the third and fourth.  One-third of the cotton and one-fourth of the corn.  It was here that I got lost in the woods.  Mom cooked some cookies for the other children that were going to school and I wanted some but she would not give me any.  So I felt hurt and we out deep into the dense woods and lay down on a big chestnut log and went to sleep.  When I woke up, many sheep were all around me and a big storm was heading our way from the West.  I was scared and started for home, so I thought.  Mom Mom missed me and began to search and finally called in the neighbors and they came for miles on horses, and rode through the woods and went down in the well and could not find me.  Just before the storm broke, I found my way home and Mother was the first to see me coming from the woods behind the smoke house.  Needless to say, there were tears of joy.  I did not try that stunt again.  Also, while we were lived there, I got my first Christmas present.  Mother's nephew, Lee Tucker, gave me a little toy pistol.  It shot caps.  At night, the brothers would run around the house and I would follow them like a policeman and shoot at them until they fell.  I was crazy about the pistol.  That was the last person gift I got for many years.  Dad always bought oranges, apples and candy for the whole family for Christmas.  

Another incident, I remember was our Grandma Giles (Mother's mom) came to see us and she brought my brother, Herman a little chain handle knife and I didn't get one.  I was hurt but tried to understand.  Herman was playing with his knife one day and lost it in the crack of a big log near the woods just on the edge of the yard.  We never did find the knife but still, I have memories of it.  

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