Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why Are My Blogs Copyrighted?

         I get questions and asked (and even “challenged”) on the fact that my blog is copyrighted.   
         It’s not only copyrighted but it’s watermarked.  I am about to explain why.

 It’s PUBLIC information: 

Yes I’ve put it out there, and yes it’s pubic for anyone to see and in some ways this is my way to control, who gets what information.  I understand many distant and far distant connections are made here and I love that, but to have no comment, no asking permission and then to have people cut, copy and take my info without permission, share it on multiple websites and claim it as their own is just not cool.  Not cool at all.


I’ve put it out there for people to simply ask permission and I would gladly give it to them.  I’ve watermarked stuff and so on.  It didn’t work.  Stealing copyrighted/watermarked info is well, stealing.  It’s also respecting the fact that, I and NO ONE ELSE has copied, scanned, typed until my hands hurt, paid for, researched until I am exhausted, gotten permission, and put this information out there.  This is my baby and my baby alone. 

I see this as my art and I am painting the picture of an artist.  I work very hard.  VERY hard at painting this painting and then when I get done, people come in like a thief and steal it………

It’s stealing and cheating:

Yes I said it.  I own the negatives and the photos.  I also own most of the originals to the stories.  IF I don’t, I have permission and have given credit to those whose library it came from.  Even though, I may not own ALL of the stories etc, I own the blog and I own the post. I can say what does and does NOT get put on my blog.

One of the reasons I did it was because I got tired of people that never asked or I don’t know, not only coping my stuff and photos, but not asking permission.  NOT JUST THAT, some of them took credit for it! 

I don’t make money off of this blog, but if I did, I would’ve have sadly lost hundreds of dollars.  Even thousands.

 It’s the LAW!  

Meet Judy Russell.  Judy is a lawyer.  She’s an avid genealogist AND an expert in copyright law.  The one  that OWNS the products and IS THE FIRST TO PUBLISH IT, OWNS THE COPYRIGHT.  They have the right to say what is done with the said product.  If a relative passes away, it goes to their spouse and children.  You can read to your heart’s content about copyrights, genealogy and etc here!

So what do you do if your family wants to read it or you are passing things along???

Well it's simple.   

You send them a link to my blog!  
You ask permission and you comment!  
 If I send you the photos and you publish them, you are getting them with the agreement that  you are NOT to publish them WITHOUT crediting the source back to me.

Yes it's that simple. 

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